Shisha Pen Kits – Voted UK’s #1 Starter Kit

Welcome to Shisha Pen. We are a premium provider of the best shisha pens on the market today. All parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers who commit to the highest quality and all of our products are CE certified meaning that they pass EU quality standards.

What is a Shisha Pen?

Shisha pens can also be referred to as electronic cigarettes, vape pens and vapourisers. They're all the same device with different names so don't let the all the terminology confuse you! So how do they actually work? Shisha pens are essentially battery powered devices which are used to heat up the atomiser (heating element) in turn heating up the e-liquid contained within a cartridge.

Are Shisha Pens Safer than Traditional Smoking?

In short, Yes. Although there's a lot of scepticism in relation to how safe shisha pens are, scientific studies support the conclusion that they're significantly healthier than smoking tobacco. The carcinogens associated with traditional tobacco is due to the burning of tobacco and the carcinogen chemicals released from the smoke. With shisha pens that process is non-existent as a vapour is inhaled, eliminating 99% of the cancerous chemicals from traditional cigarettes.


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